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Bedrock of design for crafting digital experiences.

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Design with Elemental

The Fortum Design System enables you to build fast, easy and cost efficient experiences. Build custom applications with components, design patterns and established best practices that are native to Elemental.

Fortum style

You can find here Fortum's style assets: typography, iconography, colors, guidelines and examples.

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UI Kit

Get the latest version of our UI kit as Figma files for rapid design and layout prototyping.

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React components

Collection of reusable React components. Clone the repository to start building with Elemental.

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Elemental Design System

Elemental Design System is unifying style, components, branding, interaction and motion under a consistent set of principles. With Elemental we believe product teams can realize their greatest design potential.

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We bring you colors

Color is the cornerstone of Fortum design. It distinguishes our brand and helps us to create consistent experiences across marketing and products.

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The design team

Fortum Design Blog

Fun, flops and fireworks with Fortum Design team

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